Tea Talks 

“God, pick up the pieces of my life. Put me back together again. I give you my praise.” ~Jeremiah 17:14

My cup of tea gave me a much needed reminder: “He takes the broken pieces and makes them beautiful.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:11


The Missing Pieces

“I will put My trust in Him.” ~Hebrews 2:13

It feels so good to trust in the Lord and lean not to my own understanding. 

I often liken life to a billion piece jiggle saw puzzle. Each event, experience, trial, blessing, etc. in our life represents one piece-thus it rarely makes sense to us. 

But God…literally and figuratively speaking, the Creator of the puzzle, has already put it together and can see the big picture. Trust Him my friends. 


All the Time

“…that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us…” Acts 17:27

When we wholeheartedly search for God, we will find Him. But sometimes we only go on the hunt for Him when things don’t go our way. 

Have you ever noticed that the Bible says when not if various trials arrive, we are to count them all joy. This tells me that trouble comes to everyone-not just a select few. We live in a fallen world so trials are to be expected. If we enter them properly we can even learn from our winter seasons. 

And the truth is that trials never stop. At least not until we draw our last breath. Thus it makes sense to stay in constant communication with our Creator. He talks to those who are willing to listen. 

Oftentimes it is the difficult things that draw us close(r) to God. When things are going smooth, we tend to put the Lord on the back burner of our lives. But when trouble comes knocking, even the most atheist of souls will cry to God for mercy. 

When the world becomes too much to bear, and trust me, it will, you can always find comfort in the scripture. This is the guidebook to life. There is a word for everything that we suffer and surpass. He never abandons us but we often neglect Him. 

Let this not be the case with you. Reach for Him through His word in both fat and lean times. Make it a priority to communicate daily with the Lord. Not only does He expect it, He deserves it as well. 

Try This

In recent years, I’ve changed how I read the Bible. I am more “interactive.” Here are a few things I do: 

  I use stickers to denote important scriptures. 

  Various color highlighters help me to mark the text as well. 
  Dating scripture is a tip I picked up from Dr. Charles Stanley. I date scriptures when I feel like God is asking me to pay particular attention to one of them. 
  I also take notes directly on the page for future reference. 
  I also enrich the experience by using a journal, devotional reading, and other Christian tools. 

I enjoy changing up the scenery as well. 

How do you get the most of our of your quality time with God? Do tell! 

Encouraging Yourself

“For whatever was written in the past was written for our instruction, so that we may have hope through endurance and through the encouragement from the Scriptures.” ~Romans 15:4 
In the wicked world in which we live, it is so vital that one is able to keep themselves going in any godly was possible. Fellowship with other believers, reading and memorizing scripture, listening to praise/gospel music, reading Christian titles, attending church services and Bible study, praying, journaling, watching sermons on YouTube, and reading/writing faith blogs are just a few ways to stay the course. 

Our smart phones can really serve us in this area, too. There are many Bible and prayer apps to help us keep in touch with the Lord. I use the notepad on my phone to help myself stay encouraged. 

  These scriptures are right at my fingertips. When I need a little push, I read through the various scriptures and thoughts that I’ve recorded. 
How do you stay motivated to keep your eyes on God? Do tell! 

Sunday Sermon

“For I know the plans that I have for you..to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

I believe in the power of taking notes, generally and spiritually speaking. Writing helps me focus on the speaker and prevents my wandering mind from drifting. Perhaps it is the English teacher in me. My head is always filled with a 1,001 thoughts.

Today, while taking notes on the sermon entitled “He Still Has A Plan For Me” based upon Mark 11:1-10, I felt so heavyhearted and out of sorts that I wasn’t in the mood for music, message, or fellowship. But out of habit, I attended church and attempted to listen to the sermon, pen in hand.

I halfheartedly wrote:

  • Look for peace
  • Love is a four letter word (my own thoughts, lol)
  • Everybody has highs and lows, Nobody stays on the mountaintop
  • He knows exactly where I am, the people who have betrayed me, He knows I’m tied up in my emotions-He has a plan to get me loosed

While sitting there I started thinking that I needed to do more with my notes. On occasion I read through them all, but that’s it. I never really think about them afterwards. The notebook stays closed and only gets opened on Sundays. But what good are notes if I don’t connect them to my life? They simply become a rote exercise to pass the time. Hence the idea for Sunday posts was birthed from this thought.


Sometimes God will isolate you in order to bring you to Him. No one else will be able to sate you. You will feel so lonely that you have no choice but to seek Him. He will dry up any resources that You place above Him. Once you seek Him, the valley won’t feel so lonely.


This has proven to be quite true in my life. Many of the things I had years ago I no longer have. I almost live like a hermit and as a result, my people resources are barren. But He’s made it this way I believe. He had to do something drastic to get my attention. Me, who all these years thought I was a self-sustaining island nation.

I am in the process of seeking, knocking, thirsting, healing, and hoping that it’s not too late for the plan(s) He has for me.