Mountains Moved

In a previous post, I wrote about the importance of recalling past victories, no matter how big or small. Our remembrance gives us hope and belief that God will continue to provide and make a way in future battles. What are some of the mountains that God has moved for you? 


6 thoughts on “Mountains Moved

  1. I once worked for a company of Dallah Group. We provided a way to make international long distance calls at competitive rates and with better quality. In four years, we forced the public monopoly, Saudi PTT, to revise down their rates three times and switch from per minute billing to per second one. The poorest segment of African and Filipino expatriates were the ultimate beneficiaries. Their rates reduced from SR22/minute to SR9/minute. With $240,000 monthly revenues, we beat mighty $9 billion/year PTT. Because God was with us.


  2. Let me add this. God cared to punish me for my feelings of mercy for the poor and Dallah Group discharged me without paying my dues just because they got the chance and for no fault on my part. Isn’t this a proof of God’s blessings? I need to thank God, don’t I?


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