All the Time

“…that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us…” Acts 17:27

When we wholeheartedly search for God, we will find Him. But sometimes we only go on the hunt for Him when things don’t go our way. 

Have you ever noticed that the Bible says when not if various trials arrive, we are to count them all joy. This tells me that trouble comes to everyone-not just a select few. We live in a fallen world so trials are to be expected. If we enter them properly we can even learn from our winter seasons. 

And the truth is that trials never stop. At least not until we draw our last breath. Thus it makes sense to stay in constant communication with our Creator. He talks to those who are willing to listen. 

Oftentimes it is the difficult things that draw us close(r) to God. When things are going smooth, we tend to put the Lord on the back burner of our lives. But when trouble comes knocking, even the most atheist of souls will cry to God for mercy. 

When the world becomes too much to bear, and trust me, it will, you can always find comfort in the scripture. This is the guidebook to life. There is a word for everything that we suffer and surpass. He never abandons us but we often neglect Him. 

Let this not be the case with you. Reach for Him through His word in both fat and lean times. Make it a priority to communicate daily with the Lord. Not only does He expect it, He deserves it as well.