Even the Wind Obeys

“He brings the wind out of His treasuries.”~Psalm 135:7

As part of my recovery I am required to walk several times a day. My little son is very good about reminding and escorting me as well. 

Some days I am reluctant to walk because of the heat. Today was such a day. When we made it to the corner, I had to pause for a spell because it was blazing. I told my son how hot I was. 

And would you believe that right then and there, God sent a glorious refreshing breeze?! I stood in the shadow of the tree which was gently fanning me, soaking it in and praising God for His goodness. 



2 thoughts on “Even the Wind Obeys

  1. I believe you. You look like a thankful lady. The ultimate wisdom is to thank God. The Buddhists from east only came with gifts to thank baby Jesus. We don’t to ask God because He has already given us what He thinks we need. We just need to thank Him as even Jesus also used to do.


  2. My blog’s goal is to sanctify women because God created us for the sake of women but we like to rule. Women, on the other hand, like to serve. Isn’t that proof enough that they are the better half?

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